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Enosi Powertracer 24/7

The world’s first grid-scalable, clean energy traceability solution.

Google, Microsoft, IBM and dozens of the world’s largest enterprises are seeking to power their operations with clean energy. Tracing carbon free energy is the next global benchmark and Enosi has built the platform to enable traceability from source to socket 24/7. We’re calling it Powertracer.

Powertracer not only delivers a solution to large enterprises, it unlocks the promise of clean energy and True Zero Carbon for all households and businesses, starting in Australia, going global.

Powertracer makes clean energy available to everyone.

Are you a household or business interested in what Powertracer can do for you or your employees?

If you trace, you pay less

Enosi’s Powertracer is the result of decades of experience in the energy space and a fierce commitment to climate impact.

We partner with energy retailers to provide seamless access to clean energy sources for businesses, communities and households.

Our powerful proprietary technology delivers a solution to everyone committed to the journey towards 100% carbon free energy and paying less on their electricity bills.

Watch Enosi’s CEO Steve Hoy explain how Powertracer unlocks clean energy direct with technology.

Enosi’s Powertracer is at the leading edge of a growing movement to take control and demand direct access to clean energy.

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