Clean energy direct to you

Enosi provides you with choice, transparency and traceability of your clean energy to the source.

Solar and wind farm direct to you

Governments and large corporations get cheaper energy prices by buying solar and wind energy directly from the source. Now you can too – Enosi empowers households and businesses to save by dealing direct with Australian solar and wind farms. That’s cheaper and cleaner energy.

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Share a community battery

Home batteries are cool, but there’s a cost to storing energy at your home or business. Avoid the cost and hassle – we can bring you all the benefits of reduced peak energy costs without the pain of installing a battery. Right now, Enosi is helping Australian communities by linking households and businesses directly with a grid-scale battery.

Powering community trading

We all love to play our part in the community. That’s why Enosi has developed a way for you to trade your rooftop energy with friends, family, and your neighbourhood. Have some excess energy? Don’t sell it back to the grid – trade it with your community on our online platform. You can even set your own prices, helping you to get some extra income or care for those you love.

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